co-dev alg stat RSS feed for public list co-dev alg stat A dictionary of statistics / by Upton, Graham J. G. A textbook of statistical methods by Pathak,H.K. & Agrawal,D.C. Advanced statistics demystified / by Stephens, Larry J. Business mathematics and statistics / by Verma, A. P. Categorical data analysis / by Agresti, Alan. Data collection and analysis / Dude, can you count? : by Constanda, C. Flaws and fallacies in statistical thinking / by Campbell, Stephen K. Integrative statistics for the social & behavioral sciences / by Ha, Renee R. Reflections on statistics : by Lajoie, Susanne P. Statistical literacy at school : by Watson, Jane Statistical methods : by Aggarwal, Y. P. Statistical misconceptions / by Huck, Schuyler W. Statistics and scientific method : by Diggle, Peter. Statistics Explained by Hinton,Perry statistics for People who Hate Statistics by Salkind, Neil J. Statistics for social sciences / by Asthana, Hari Shankar Teaching statistics : by Gelman, Andrew. The statistical sleuth : by Ramsey, Fred L. The visual display of quantitative information by Tufte, Edward R.,